Jaw Pain

Symptoms of Jaw Pain

Jaw pain may originate from the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and is often felt directly at the joint which is located just in front of the ear. Pain may also be felt along the angle of the jaw, around the face, in the ear, and even in the head or sinuses and can manifest with headache-like symptoms.

Other signs and symptoms of jaw pain include:

Causes of Jaw Pain

There can be a range of causes of jaw pain. One of the common causes is believed to be a result of ‘Malocclusion which relates to when the teeth fit together in a way that places additional forces and stress on the jaw joint and associated structures. Other causes can be related to neck and shoulder tension, clenching the jaw during the day, or grinding teeth while asleep at night. Often there can be an element of stress or anxiety associated with some of these problems.

Dental work can cause strain to the jaw and associated tissues either directly from prolonged and forceful procedures or indirectly from extractions, root canals, or other surgical procedures.

It is important to differentiate the type of pain as jaw pain can be indicated from dental complications, infections, or even during a cardiac event such as heart attack.

Jaw Pain

Treatment & Management of Jaw Pain

Osteopathy can be helpful for jaw pain and is often administered collaboratively with Dentistry, Orofacial Myology, Speech Pathology, Occupational therapy and Orthodontists.

Your practitioner will be able to treat the joints, muscles and soft-tissues associated with the function of your jaw.

You may be recommended to:

>> Consult a Dentist, Sleep Physician, Rheumatologist, Cardiologist, or consult your GP for additional assessment

>> Obtain Scans or Imaging via direct referral to create a full workup for a clear diagnosis.

>> Avoid eating foods that require forceful or prolonged chewing (for example apples or steak)

>> Refrain from self directed massage, stretches or adjustment your jaw

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