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Myotherapists at Head Above Healthcare are leaders in their field for pain relief and rehabilitative management. They focus on evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of aches and pains involving the nerves, muscles and joints of the body.


Despite popular belief, Myotherapy is not actually a form of massage therapy, however, our Myotherapist Saxon may use and incorporate such techniques during your consultation if it is necessary for the treatment of your presenting condition.

Myotherapists take into account all aspects of health and wellness to treat patients – this includes not only physical but psychological and occupational aspects of the individual.

Common musculoskeletal pains and conditions treated with Myotherapy include:

Here at Head Above Healthcare, our Clinical Myotherapist Saxon can utilise many different evidence-based treatment techniques, tailored for your individual presentation, age, physical & symptomatic condition. These treatments and techniques may include:

Why is Head Above Healthcare the best choice in Brisbane for your myotherapy treatment?

At Head Above Healthcare, our highly experienced therapists are passionate about helping you achieve optimum health and wellbeing, offering a wide range of services to suit your individual needs.

We are dedicated to providing the people of Brisbane with the highest standard of care possible, and we have a long list of happy customers who would agree.

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Head Above Healthcare finds the cause, nature, and extent of your condition, while treating it with the most direct and practical means available.

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