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What To Expect As a New Patient

Upon making your first booking you will receive both an email and text message notification confirming that you have made your appointment and provide details about where to attend.

You will receive an introduction and welcome message and the opportunity to fill out some of the forms electronically prior to the first visit.

Your First Visit – Attending the clinic, your working diagnosis, and setting up a treatment plan.

The first visit to the clinic is of utmost importance for several reasons:

>> All essential details and factors around receiving osteopathic treatment are presented

>> A thorough case history is taken, followed by examination and assessment

>> A preliminary diagnosis is made and first round of treatment is administered provided it is safe to proceed and no other scans or medical investigations are required

The second visit to the clinic is essentially a continuation of the first for several key reasons and is as important as the first for these key reasons.

Your response to the initial round of treatment is critical in gaining clarity of the full extent and nature of your condition – basically we are able to better understand what it is that we are addressing and the likely number of treatments and time required to achieve the best result.

In some cases we have referred you for a scan (X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan) to fully workup and conclusively diagnose your condition – these will be requested and reviewed early in the treatment process so we are properly informed and can provide specific treatment and management or make an appropriate referral to a specialist provider.

Therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation activities will be introduced in the second consultation. These are always introduced in an adaptive ongoing basis and are increasingly complex and progressively intensified to support the treatment process. They are designed to support and solidify the structural changes you will experience from osteopathic care and make sure your progress or level up so to speak gaining knowledge and long-term improvements.

Introduction of your treatment plan.

Subsequent visits to the clinic will commence after the first and second visits when a clear working diagnosis has been established; representing the core of your management plan ongoing.

Your management plan is designed to correct all structural problems, identify movement problems, and progress to helping you manage your complaint outside of the clinic with exercise rehab, lifestyle, and ergonomic considerations.

When you attend all subsequent visits as recommended by your osteopath you are more likely to achieve a more complete and long term result and beyond getting out of pain you will learn how to best avoid future snags and dysfunction and safe-guard yourself for the future.

Many patients report benefit by attending the clinic at regular intervals throughout the year to stay a head above pain and discomfort. We recommend a pro-active approach to health rather than a reactive one.

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