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Postural Neurology understands posture from the deepest mechanisms that control it.

Postural Neurology is a highly effective treatment plan can be created by observing the brain and key components of the nervous system. By testing the integration of the brain and the systems that it controls Our upright postural design can be recovered and maintained.

The neurology of posture can be broken down into seven components:

Postural Neurology allows your osteopath to create a standardised and comprehensive assessment of your posture and the systems that control it with a Brain-Based Postural Assessment. And then implement correction with interventions to improve alignment (hands-on osteopathic treatment), and home balance and co-ordination with Brain-Based Postural Correction.

Put simply Postural Neurology goes to the core of your problems by addressing the central controlling mechanisms in the brain and offering a brain-based corrective solution. It is far more than strengthening weak muscles and restoring length to shortening tight muscles, it is like a software update that removes bugs and allows your system to function more efficiently and smoothly.

In body-focused healthcare, posture is a great starting point as most people ‘Get’ posture, and to varying degrees healthcare professionals agree on its high importance to health and wellbeing. Posture and your musculoskeletal framework are the body systems that allow you to move and express your life at the deepest level, they also support all other major organ systems and essentially create the basis for their integration. At Head Above Osteopathy we ‘Get’ posture on a level unsurpassed by near-peer healthcare providers.

When you present to your osteopath at Head Above Healthcare, elements of Postural Neurology will be applied to your assessment and treatment. If you wish to learn more about this unique and highly effective process of treatment click below to make a booking online.

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We are dedicated to providing the people of Brisbane with the highest standard of care possible, and we have a long list of happy customers who would agree.

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