Whiplash Relief

Many people experience whiplash following a car accident.  Even a minor bump can cause intense pain in the neck which if left untreated can last for years.  While the pain may reduce on its own, in our experience, it is best to seek treatment for it early.

We have been treating clients for whiplash for over 10 years, and have a range of treatments we can offer including cold laser therapy.

Osteopathy for Whiplash

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to medicine that focuses on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. We use a variety of techniques to treat whiplash, including manipulation of the spine, muscles, and joints. We also recommend exercises and lifestyle changes to help prevent the condition from recurring. If you have whiplash, Head Above Healthcare has effective treatment options for you.

Why is Head Above Healthcare the best choice in Brisbane for your Whiplash Treatment?

At Head Above Healthcare, our highly experienced therapists are passionate about helping you achieve optimum health and wellbeing, offering a wide range of services to suit your individual needs.

We are dedicated to providing the people of Brisbane with the highest standard of care possible, and we have a long list of happy customers who would agree.

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Head Above Healthcare finds the cause, nature, and extent of your condition, while treating it with the most direct and practical means available.

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