Visit our YouTube channel to see our full range of exercises. We have developed over 40 exercises that you can follow at home following a consultation to help speed up your recovery.

Your Osteopath, Myotherapist, or Exercise Physiologist will provide a list of the exercises recommended for you following your consultation with them.

Learning about the best exercises for core strength is often the pathway to ensuring you can maintain your back’s pain-free status, which is always our aim for you.

Active lunge with foundation pose

Backward wall press 8 step sequence

Backward wall press regression

Backward wall press variation 1

Bent knee calf stretch with trunk twist

Bent knee calf stretch with trunk twist 1

Bird dog 2

Bird dog dynamic

Bridge with pilates ring

Chest stretch on wall

Chest stretch side lying

Collarbone neck stretch

The Three Silver Bullets

Try out these 3 exercises to improve your core strength.  By working on your core, your back is much less likely to experience pain.  Try to do these exercises every day.

Side plank

Standing tall

Flat spine